REliable & eXplainable Swarm Intelligence for People with Reduced mObility

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What we Do

Project Idea

The REXASI-PRO project aims to release a novel engineering framework to develop greener and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence solutions. The project will develop in parallel the design of novel trustworthy-by-construction solutions for social navigations and a methodology to certify the robustness of AI-based autonomous vehicles for people with reduced mobility. The trustworthy-by-construction social navigation algorithms will exploit mathematical models of social robots. The robots will be trained by using both implicit and explicit communication. A novel learning paradigm embeds safety requirements in Deep Neural Network for planning algorithms, runtime monitoring based on conformal prediction regions, trustable sensing, and secure communication. The methodology will be used to certify the robustness of both autonomous wheelchairs and flying robots. The flying robots will be equipped with unbiased machine learning solutions for people detection that will be reliable also in an emergency. Thus, REXASI-PRO will make the AI solutions greener. The REXASI-PRO framework will be demonstrated by enabling the collaboration among autonomous wheelchairs and flying robots to help people with reduced mobility.

GreenER AI Solution

Planet-caring is a dimension on which we cannot neglect, today. We will develop an AI-Based system to orchestrate the fleet of AI-Based Swarm and a dataset optimisation for REXASI-PRO algorithm which is based on topology (in order to compress the dataset without compromising data). Both systems will reduce costs and power consumption.

Trustworthy by Construction

The functioning of AI system requires appropriate respect for potentially vulnerable persons and groups, such as persons with disabilities and others at risk of exclusion

Robust, Safe, Secure & Reliable autonomous Wheelchair

In the context of social robotic navigation, trustable environmental sensing is essential to guarantee robustness against uncertainties, malfunctions, and disturbances. A smart-sensing subsystem will be designed with the aim of providing trusted event detection.

HOW we do it

Expected Impact

The impact of REXASI-PRO is to deliver a new Trustworthy AI framework. This framework will enable the collaboration among a swarm formed by autonomous wheelchairs and flying robots to enable a seamless door-to-door experience for people with reduced mobility.

This goal will result in benefits for these people, their families, caregivers, scientific community, industry, and environment, creating a scientific, economic, technological and social benefit.

The research project REXASI-PRO has received funding from the European Union’s HORIZON-CL4-HUMAN-01 programme under grant agreement no.101070028

Project Overview

Project No. 101070028


Type of Action: RIA- Research and Innovation Action

Grant Amount 3,551,158.50 € (Reimbursment rate: 100%)

Starting Date: 1.10.2022

Duration: 36 months