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Establishing the next level of “intelligence” and autonomy

Mar 3, 2023

Workshop REXASI-PRO banner

On Thursday, 2 March, the first Clustering Workshop was held between projects funded by the Horizon Europe programme under Research and Innovation Actions. The Workshop, organised by TALON in close cooperation with the other projects, aimed to foster a broad comparison between the research projects that are the subject of the same funding measure: A Human Centred and Ethical Development of Digital and Industrial Technologies.

Among the objectives at the centre of the discussion was the identification of common actions and synergies that could be pursued by opening up a transversal dialogue between the researchers and institutions involved in the projects concerned.

The REXASI-PRO Consortium started its activities on 1 October 2022 and aims to provide support to persons with reduced mobility through autonomous social navigation systems based on Artificial Intelligence.

Check out the Workshop Agenda.