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REXASI-PRO Review Meeting

Mag 19, 2024

As scheduled for the eighteenth month after the start of the project, REXASI-PRO’s review meeting took place last April. The aim of the meeting consisted in assessing the progress of the different Work Packages and their status, compared to the assessment performed during the General Assembly of last October. Representatives from all partners attended the meeting on April 18. After the introductory speech, the report on Project Management & Coordination was presented by Leonardo Napoletani, project coordinator. External reviewers also attended online and expressed positive opinions on the progress of project activities last December.

The overall progress of the work pertaining use cases was thoroughly documented, choosing to present the developments of each unit as independent topics. As per the drones, the development of algorithms to enable navigation in unknown environments, more complex than the tunnels used for testing, was documented. Regarding the wheelchair, further development was demonstrated by verifying the path for obstacles located not only a few centimetres from the ground but also mid-height (such as fire extinguishers or protruding tables). Concerning the use of cameras, the monitoring activity to implement scenarios to be simulated in different use cases is proving central. The objective of interaction between the various components remains crucial and aimed towards the formulation of warning messages to be exchanged among cameras.

An ongoing dialogue with the scientific community continues to characterise the research phases of the project. This is made evident on the website, by an updated timeline of scheduled meetings in the sector of AI & Robotics, as well as the timely availability of a reference bibliography regarding the scientific publications prompted by the project.

On the communication front, there is a consistent availability to take part in international webinars and workshops, as well as to participate on initiatives from the TrustWorthy AI Cluster, ongoing project for shared communication of the nine projects funded by HORIZON-CL4-2021-HUMAN-01-01, among which REXASI-PRO is included.

The news periodically posted by the latter based on an editorial plan, the constant updating of our LinkedIn profile, and visitor access data to the various sections of the web page are proof of a coherent and pervasive communication framework. Easily accessible, even to non-experts, and thus useful for illustrating the ongoing progress of the project and upcoming activities, the goal is to engage a varied segment of the public, not necessarily specialised but potentially sensitive to non-negotiable ethical principles.